20 Stupid Facts

Well, this is different.

I was tagged in a 20 facts thing on Instagram, and the only reason it's here is because I surpassed Instagram's word count (which apparently actually exists). And it would've spammed the feeds of the followers that I've been fortunate enough to amass, so as you can imagine, I wouldn't quite want to alienate them. Here we go...

  1. I absolutely love editing photos for Instagram but I hate touching photos I take with my SLR.
  2. I think podcasts are an amazing medium that's severely underrated - then again, the little hipster inside me thinks that's a good thing.
  3. I hate exams with a burning passion, but I've managed to quell that a bit given how high the stakes are in this stage of my life.
  4. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by the absolute scum of the earth.
  5. I'm typing this on a Windows laptop, so I might as well mention that I freaking hate Windows. (it's 2014 and we still have to deal with bloatware!! Unbelievable...)
  6. I don't understand why most people invest themselves in the things that they do - selfish interests, stupid addictions, power, money, wealth, gossip, etc.
  7. I don't like coffee per se, but I like it as an ingredient.
  8. On the other hand, I love tea. With or without milk.
  9. Sometimes I'm glad that I'm isolated from a lot of crap around me, and other times loneliness kicks in.
  10. So far this has been quite therapeutic for me, but come on, I'm only halfway through?! Ugh...
  11. I'm always, always cynical. Whether it be for better or worse.
  12. Did I mention I hate exams? Oh I did? Ah well, I thought it deserved two places on the list...
  13. I'm proud of the people I've developed lasting relationships with. I may feel lonely sometimes, but it's sincerely worth it.
  14. As cynical as I am, I have an unrealistic ambition of changing the world in a significant way. Hmm, maybe 'cynical' isn't the right word, maybe 'critical' is...dunno...
  15. I almost always start online conversations. Like seriously, I can't remember the last time a conversation started without one of my goofy ways of saying 'Hi'.
  16. Apparently 'online' isn't a word, according to Windows. There's that red squiggly line below it... Again, what year is this?
  17. I want to travel more often. There's a certain brand of escapism that comes over you when you immerse yourself in other cultures...
  18. I'm a super-slow reader, and it takes me forever to get through a full-length book. So if any of you know a book I've read in full, you know it's a pretty good book.
  19. Right now, my only means of exercise is drumming for hours at a time. But I recently just broke all my drumsticks. Please send me some, thanks.
  20. I typed way too much for a stupid tag game.