A Former Employee’s Experience at Business Insider

Shane Ferro on Medium recalling her 10 months at Business Insider:


"The last four months, I remember mostly tense meetings about how I wasn’t hitting my goals - five posts per day and one million unique visitors per month. I remember riding the elevator downstairs in the afternoons, hoping that no one would see me crying until I hit the front door and made a left from Fifth Avenue onto 21st Street. I cried a lot while pacing back and forth on 21st street in the summer of 2015…

I never came close to hitting my goals, despite the fact that I became something of a hot take machine, churning out opinions day after day. Some of them took off and got what was seen as an adequate amount of traffic. Some didn’t. A lot of them I’m actually quite proud of, probably only because I took some time to think through them. That was good for individual pieces, but bad for my job."


All you need to know about why clickbait, listicle “journalism” is stupid and unsustainable.

Read on for her thought and writing process, which I find uncannily comparable to mine. (Make of that as you wish.)