Apple Selling Special Chinese New Year Watches

Alicia Tan for Mashable:


"With the lunar new year just weeks ago, Apple is ready for the Year of the Monkey. It's releasing its Apple Watch Sport model in two new finishes — yellow gold aluminium and silver aluminium — and is pairing them with bold red straps, for good luck...

These special editions will only be available between January 15 and February 22, in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia."


Admittedly, at first I was appalled that Apple would make such a move. Firstly, the product is barely changed. They just created the option to purchase an existing Watch model with the existing (PRODUCT) RED band in the box, which didn’t exist beforehand, and still doesn’t elsewhere. And secondly, no price changes either. I guessed that it was a bit peculiar in itself that Apple’s launching a special edition of anything based on an occasion, but is it really much for ‘celebrating’ the Year of the Monkey?

I realised though that it makes a way for more (PRODUCT) RED bands to be sold, in which some of the proceeds go towards fighting AIDS. I just wish that it was one of the main selling points… or that there was an option to buy the Watch with the red band in the box in the first place.

I’m of two minds here. But at the end of the day money’s going to a good place and it’s just a promo. And maybe, to preserve Apple’s vision (probably mostly Jony Ive’s) for the Watch, not much else could’ve been done to more drastically alter the product. The only two ways I can think of are an exclusive watch band colour and a price change. Maybe even a complimentary iTunes gift card? Yeah, I’m starting to see why Apple’s never done this before.

(Via Mashable)