Art Fair Philippines 2017 – Pt. 1

Some friends and I were already hanging out in the area where this was happening. The tickets were cheap and it seemed like a big deal with all the lines by the entrance.


The fair took place in a shopping mall carpark, which made little sense to me at first, but it gave the space a bit of that artsy grit and liveliness lacking in, say, a typical modern art museum. It made the fair feel like a little town for the art pieces and its onlookers.


A few sponsor booths were present – thankfully they didn't detract much from the art.



I imagine this one being a painstaking piece. Puts into perspective the manhours put into everything shown at the event.


This collection of surrealist figures greets visitors near the entrance – it's among my favorites.


I learned I have a soft spot for textured artworks like these.


The gears actually moved on this one. An explicit one, but incredible still.


Reminds me of KAWS.


Already looking forward to next year's. More photos soon.