Attention to Detail at Apple’s Flagship Store

Cult of Mac’s (and The CultCast’s) Leander Kahney visits Apple’s newest flagship - the one with the trees and giant sliding doors I linked to a couple of weeks ago. He notices how everything seems to line-up perfectly:

Look carefully at the cracks in the sidewalk around Apple’s new flagship store in San Francisco. They all line up with architectural elements of the store.

Some are continuous with the metal panels on the exterior walls. Some line up with the windows, and the huge glass panels that make up the 42-foot high front door. Some of the cracks are continuous with the stone floor tiles inside the store.

In turn, the joints in the floor line up with panels on the wall, which line up with the lighting panels on the ceiling.

In fact, most of the lines in the store — the edges of the glass balconies, cutouts in the middle of the tables, the edges of shelves and drawers — all line up with other elements of the store.

Click through the link below, you’ve got to see it to believe it. Virtually every vertical and horizontal line converges with each other to create a neat grid. I know how Apple goes to massive lengths to stress the details, but this is mind-blowing.