Backstage - Winter 2014


In the past few months, and the last three weeks in particular, I've been working hard on the design of my school's magazine. Prior to applying for the role of Lead Designer, I've had absolutely no experience whatsoever in designing a magazine or anything at all to this scale. Seeing the magazine printed and tangible, after hours upon hours of headache-inducing screen-staring, was quite a satisfying experience. Designing this magazine made me realise a lot of things about the process of design - time management, working collaboratively, dealing with limitations, etc. - that I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to encounter and learn from.

The response to the design of the magazine and the quality of the articles inside it has been overwhelmingly positive so far. For any fellow BSG students reading this, I urge you to grab a copy and read some of the genuinely great stuff that's in there. Once we've sold all the copies we can, BSG will post a digital version on their website, which will be linked to once it's available, so at some point in the future anyone can check it out.

Update: Here it is.

I'd like to thank everyone who's given positive comments towards the magazine, and each person on the Backstage team who I've had the privilege of working with to various degrees. I'm intensely looking forward to seeing what can be done for the next edition...