Update – October 2017

After some soul-searching, I'm back.

You'll notice some formatting changes to the site, which might look familiar to an avid blog reader like myself – smaller site width, larger type, streamlined sidebar, etc. I want to focus on writing, and writing with brevity, so I wanted the site to reflect that.

Here's what's to come:

  • Shortform posts, as per usual.
  • Thoughts on the iPhone X event. I've got quite a few.
  • Those photos from Japan I keep forgetting to finish editing. Gives me opportunity to try out the new Photos on High Sierra, at least.

On Writing About Music

On Writing About Music.png

In line with changing the formats of things, I wanted to revamp the music aspect of the site as well. So instead of going forward with the wildly successful AM, I think it’s best to loosen the format a little and just call it Good Music.

The plan is that I'd talk about one good album and one good live performance at a time. (Those who know me well know that you’re more likely to find a live performance on my laptop screen than a TV show or whatever. Helps me concentrate on work more. So I guess that makes that easy to talk about.)

I don’t plan on doing it frequently, nor do I plan on doing it as infrequently as I have been. The reason for the format change is to simply find a good middle ground in that regard.

That’s pretty much it. Expect the first post soon.

Update – August 2017

I think I’m at a crossroads with the blog. For the first time I pondered shutting things down. My subscription with Squarespace expires in September and at the pace I’m writing now, it’s hard to bring myself to renew it.

Although I gave it a bit more thought and I figured that I could overcome this lull like I have others before: just by starting and gaining momentum. So I’m gonna give that a shot in August, not without a few other changes...

I’ve been pretty headstrong with maintaining my shortform style since I started using it, and it’s really helped transform the blog. Now that I have much less time on my hands since starting, I think a similar change is warranted.

I don’t know exactly how this change will manifest yet, but my gut’s telling me it has to happen if I still want to be writing here at all, and I do. Maybe I’ll delve into different topics. Maybe I’ll shift the tone a lil’ bit here and there. Maybe I’ll be posting photos again. (I will.) And yeah, I’ll make sure the site will keep being about what it’s always been about while I’m at it.

So stay tuned. It might be the last month of The Solitary Hideout, but if she goes down, she’ll go down swingin’.

Also hope you like the new coat of paint.

Update – December 2016

The Solitary Hideout will return on Friday, December 16, 2016. I’ve got a few longform posts on the way regarding Apple’s “Hello Again” event from October and the Nintendo Switch.

Also expect the usual shortform posts on design and technology.

Hope you’re still with me on this. 

In the Meantime, Give These Sites a Visit

While I'm gone, get your fix of nice tech-related (and non-tech-related) things to read and watch while I'm away.

One more thing. If you're an avid article reader like myself, you'll want to check out Instapaper since they just made their premium features completely free.

To Pocket users: if you're not a fan of the slightly kitschy design and font choices of Pocket, Instapaper's for you. You can easily import your articles, too. (Export from here.) I recently made the switch.

Update - November 2016

In short, it’s time for a hiatus.

Schoolwork is taking virtually all of my time, and there’s simply too much news passing me by to make sense of it all at the moment. (Don’t get me started with the MacBook Pro outcry. Ugh.)

I guess now’s a good time as any to let you know that, strangely, I’m still quite active on Twitter. So if you’re into even shorter form content, sprinkled with personal updates and ramblings here and there, follow me on Twitter.

I should be back around Christmas break, starting mid-December, which isn’t too long from now. 

The Solitary Hideout Redesign 1

No, you’re not in a trance. I have updated the site colors from old, drab navy blue to the fluorescent neon orange and pink you see before you now.

I’ve been told in the past that while the site looked nice, the blue/grey scheme I had going on for a while was… well, simply put, boring. While I’ll always maintain the blue/grey scheme as the most suitable for the site considering its content, the new colors are a needed breath of fresh air.

That’s pretty much all my rationale behind it – it looks livelier and it’s different. Very different. I’ll probably think that more than anyone else since, by nature of being its owner, I have to stare at it the most. Might as well make it more visually stimulating.

I also wanted to pick colors that didn’t clash with the content on the site too much, either. I thought orange (with pink as an accent) created the cutting edge feel I wanted to maintain from the old design.

The Facebook and Twitter pages have also been updated to reflect the site’s redesign. Again, you can click the buttons in the sidebar to follow the site through those.

I’ll probably return the Solitary Hideout back to its original (canonical!) colors sometime in the future, but I can imagine that being hard to do for a long, long while. So I really hope you enjoy the eye-candy.

Update - September 2016

College is starting next week. Don’t know what that’ll mean for the frequency of posts, but if I can get myself sorted quickly enough, there shouldn’t be much of a change on the site.

A few bits of news:

  • I’ll be posting what might be the last concept design on the site, at least the last non-academic one. It’s not as extensive as Zephyr, but I really like it – probably because it’s more along the lines of what I actually want to be doing as an industrial designer.
  • Yes, I’ll write about Apple’s September event.
  • I’ve been working on a series of posts at my internship. The first of those posts should be published in early September – it’s about design. I'll link to it.

Update - June 2016

Some personal news first. The workload at my internship could be picking up in the next weeks, and my transition to university continues in July. Despite this, I’ll try to maintain the pace of shortforms that I’m at now - if that’s something I can’t do, then you’ll know why.

Some meta updates:

  • Updated the social media pages with new cover graphics and descriptions that better reflect the site.
  • Also changed the sidebar description on the site to match.
  • New picture in the About page. Thanks BitCam.
  • There will be a new Best Of page under the Work button in the sidebar. It’ll be a place for me to showcase what I think is my best written work on the site, which will be nice for newcomers.
  • New concept coming soon, the first made on my new Retina MacBook Pro, so expect sharper graphics. Design page is getting beefy.