Formula 1 From the Lens of a 104-Year-Old Camera

There are many photographers covering the hugely popular world of Formula One racing, but none of them shoot it quite like Joshua Paul of Lollipop Magazine. Instead of using the latest and greatest digital cameras — or even a modern camera, for that matter — Paul chooses to use a Graflex 4×5 view camera from 1913...

“Most F1 images are shot for news or big stock agencies,” Paul tells GP Traveler magazine in their March 2017 issue. “There are only a few people taking beautifully expressive and timeless images in Formula 1, mostly because there is no lucrative market for it.”

“My approach is to make images so beautiful they defy subject matter.”

I don’t know how these photos take me back to a time I never even existed, but they just do. I wouldn’t say the modern branding on the sides of the cars and the protective panels ruins the immersion, but it’s certainly disorienting… maybe in a wonderful way. Incredible.