Good Music 1


A good album...

A few months back, I was binging on Gorillaz to amp myself up for their new release. While I could be talking about Humanz instead, it didn’t quite live up to expectations. I’ll say it has its merits. Ascension, Charger, and Andromeda are great.

What I’d rather talk about, though, is their previous release, which is far more sonically and tonally diverse. I’d call it their best album, in that it’s, front-to-back, their most listenable collection of songs.

The album goes all over the place, but it’s anchored (bit of a pun there) by buzzing synths and fat snares. The production is borderline childish, but it’s Gorillaz. It’s the misadventures of a cartoon band. It also ties in with the theme of plasticity and artificiality quite nicely. This is the kind of music only they can make.


The album trails off a bit towards the end and loses my attention. Other than that and a couple of stinkers, it’s a good album with fun and quirky sounds. Good to listen to whether you’re paying attention – there’s a lot of layers to uncover on here – or leaving it on in the background.


7.5 / 10

Tracks I play the most: Rhinestone Eyes, Superfast Jellyfish, Empire Ants (!!!), On Melancholy Hill, To Binge

Tracks I play moderately: Orchestral Intro, Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach, White Flag, Stylo, Some Kind of Nature, Broken, Pirate Jet

Tracks I usually skip: Glitter Freeze, Sweepstakes, Cloud of Unknowing

A good live performance… 

Linkin Park feat. crowd... seriously – In The End (Live in Argentina 2017)

One of the last live performances of the song. Chester and the rest of the band really feed off the crowd’s energy here, which makes it all the more poignant.