Good Music 2

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A good album…

Saw You in a Dream starts with the titular track – a melancholy ballad driven by a groovy rhythm section. I think the juxtaposition works. At the forefront are Amber Bain’s airy vocals that make the song, and the rest of the album, all the more a dream-like experience. It’s capped off with a 9-minute journey of a track aptly titled Count to Nine.


Great hooks and vocal melodies across this EP – enough that I can excuse Bain with indulging a bit in that last track – although all the tracks are very similar sonically. I guess that’s just something that comes with dream pop. It’s great when you’re in the mood for it, though.

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7.5 / 10


Tracks I play the most: Saw You in a Dream

Tracks I play moderately: Somebody you found, 3/3, Count to Nine

Tracks I usually skip: (none)



A good live performance… 

Takuya Kuroda - Actors (Live in New York City)

I might have a thing for frantic trumpets.