Good Music 3

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A good album…

It takes a lot for me to listen to something new. Sometimes, though, all it takes is happening upon pretty album art. That’s the case here, and I’m glad this album is in my life now.

This album is an incredible listening experience that’s soft on the ears but full of life: it’s euphoric, with a touch of melancholy, all throughout. While it’s not quite diverse sonically, it doesn’t let up – it’s great from start to finish. At only 32 minutes, the album’s rich sound, almost overwhelming, doesn’t overstay its welcome.

It’s also technically masterful. Everything shimmers, from the instrumentation – which changes from song to song – to the production, to frontwoman Molly Rankin’s hazy vocals which embellish each track beautifully.

While it’s great in that regard, the way all its strengths work together leads to something greater than the sum of them. The result is a collection of songs that’s dopamine shot after dopamine shot, an emotional rollercoaster, and, this being a dream/jangle pop record, instant nostalgia. I can only think of one other record like it.


Sorry for keeping things vague and being a tad melodramatic. I just think it’s that great.

At first listen, it’s all nice and pleasant, but expect waves of feels with subsequent listens.

Listen on Spotify. That’s not a request.



Tracks I play the most: Everything. Just everything.


A good live performance…

John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer, Flea & Chad Smith - Live at Federation Square 2007

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a great example of a band that’s more than just its frontman, as charismatic as Anthony Kiedis is.

Case in point. Great spacey vibes here, which you don’t get much of from RHCP. It gets loud but remains great all throughout.