Google Launches Self-Driving Minivan With Chrysler

Adrienne LaFrance for The Atlantic on Google’s collaboration with American car maker Chrysler, the 2017 Pacifica:

...picking a minivan for Google’s first direct collaboration with an automaker is really about what the Chrysler Pacifica - and minivans more broadly - represents. Boring ole safety and reliability. This is the kind of car that gets a tumble of kids to and from field hockey practice without incident; it is not a vehicle you expect to see speeding down the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic.

In other words, Google’s interest in self-driving minivans has to do with building public trust, a hurdle facing the developers of driverless cars that’s arguably even greater than the remaining technological challenges.

One thing, though: Who buys minivans from Chrysler? Even if people end up buying this thing in droves, how much of that success could be attributed to Chrysler? I feel Google only picked Chrysler so they could charge more for their technology.

Anyhow, read on to further understand the hurdles self-driving cars have to face going forward, particularly public acceptance.