How Trump Tweets

Another great video on US President-elect Donald Trump’s use of speech by Evan Puschak, aka The Nerdwriter:

This really highlights just how swayed Trump is by his own emotions. The fact that he uses Twitter as his primary means of communication with the general public is interesting to me, especially for someone supposedly representing totally archaic ideologies in the GOP.

As Puschak mentions, self-validation – him being self-congratulatory and himself being his core audience – seems to be the main reason he tweets. It’s also the best tool at his disposal to build a strong perception of himself, even if it isn’t completely true.

A lot of criticism has been thrown at Trump for being ignorant of the facts. This, among many other things, evidences that he’s totally aware of the facts but chooses to blatantly ignore them. His perceived ignorance has proved mostly inconsequential to him thus far – it didn’t stop him from winning the most electoral votes last November – and that’ll only entrench him further in his own fantasy world that’s increasingly becoming ours.

Trump tweeting his almost totally unfiltered mind, and what he perceives himself to be, shows that he's taking full advantage of the liberties he’s afforded being, essentially, fact-proof. Now taking into account his personal ideologies (or lack thereof) and the position he was recently elected into, he’s probably the most dangerous man in the world to be made fact-proof.