I Had A Very Unreal Dream

Image downloaded via Google Image Search at http://silverchips.mbhs.edu/tn/15782/900/900

Image downloaded via Google Image Search at http://silverchips.mbhs.edu/tn/15782/900/900

Here's another thing from Day One that I didn't include in the last post since it was a bit out of place. I find it difficult to call it an update, it's just a peculiar dream. At first I thought the whole thing meant nothing at the time of writing, but now I could see the parallelism between my present life and the circumstances that occurred within the dream. Anyways, makes me pretty glad I jotted it down before I would've eventually forgotten it. Enjoy.

I had a very unreal dream when I napped this afternoon.

It wasn't good nor bad (although it made me feel a little bad). It was just very weird, like it had come out of a metaphysical poem.

I dreamed that I was at school, in the common room. It was pretty dark for some reason, like it was a solemn, late December afternoon. I think it was Christmas. There were blue twinkling lights set up around the place, it was surreal.

Everyone was having fun, but I was feeling extremely depressed. Everyone was surprisingly calm (no League of Legends rambling for once), as the day so far had been. But there I sat on the couch, perhaps on the brink of crying.

A few people tried to gage me, but I had continued staring blankly in this unknown melancholy. I couldn't take much more, so I left my place on the couch and left the room to give myself some space.

I made my way slowly towards the bathroom, hoping it to serve me a place of solace. But for some reason this version of the school had rooms along the hallway heading towards the bathrooms where in reality, there were none. I instinctively went towards the door leading into the first room along that hallway, but quickly retracted my foot upon learning that this wasn't the bathroom. I'm still not sure how this occurred instinctually.I tried to make my way to the bathroom again but I saw the teacher in that room, it was the History teacher. He had been staring at me with a look of concern as I tried to swiftly avoid further attention. By the time I had left his range of sight and was at least 10 meters away from his room, I looked back to see him making his way out of the room to give me a holler.

He walked towards where I had stood in the hall and made a definitive statement that something is wrong with me, rather than asking. I don't remember my response, but few seconds into our conversation another teacher walked passed and stopped to join in. It was our careers advisor.

The two teachers furthered our conversation into solutions to help me with whatever problem I had been facing. They concluded that I had to take a drug. As in, a recreational drug. The second teacher brought out a little box that had paper cups and powder in what seemed like a container of Milo (out of nowhere I might add), I couldn't tell whether it was a drink mix or an actual drug.

It got weird when the second teacher poured the contents of the large Milo packet into my two joined hands, and then put one of the cups on top of the pile of powder. The teachers then abruptly left, as to not get caught I assumed.

I made my way back to the bathroom as if nothing had happened, the powder and cup still in my hands. A student went by and wondered what I was doing. A straight answer like “Nothing.” or whatever was what I must've said, causing her to smile and go on her way.

In the bathroom, I had added water with the powder in the cup and drank it up. I didn't feel anything. All of a sudden I found myself in a small conversation with another student. I think we were talking about Biology or something, a subject he took but I didn't. “Alright, I'll cya.” or something of the sort ended our conversation as he left the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and wondered whether or not the drug had or hadn't worked.

The rest of the dream was pretty blurry from that point on. I remember being back in the common room googling the symptoms of the intake of various drugs. But I don't remember the “drug” actually taking any effect whatsoever, despite feeling a little better.

The dream ended when I found myself kidnapped. I woke up in a hotel, and involuntarily took part in a fast-paced Japanese-style commercial for a new Gorillaz compilation album (I don't know).