Juicero: The Wi-Fi Juicer That Can’t Really Juice

 Jacob Kastrenakes for The Verge:


"The founder of Organic Avenue, a now-bankrupt restaurant chain that sold stale wraps and overpriced juices, is launching a $699 Wi-Fi connected juicer that can't actually juice produce you've brought home from the store. Instead, the company, called Juicero, wants you to buy its prepackaged, pre-chopped produce, have it delivered to your home, and then insert its proprietary produce-packs into the juicer to create juice. This is supposed to be more convenient."


This thing must be a parody of itself.


"Juicero has raised nearly $100 million in funding to support its venture into the juice world, according to Business Insider. Its product was unveiled today after three years of work. At launch, Juicero is only available in parts of California; it intends to eventually go nationwide."


Talk about sad: with $100 million, you can make a million people $100 richer. Instead, we have a juicer only usable in California.


"I have read a large portion of Juicero's website, and I still don't know why it has a Wi-Fi connection."


I had a look at their website, too. Just something about a smartphone app but nothing on the juicer itself.

(Via The Verge, Marco Arment on Twitter)