Map of Mass Shootings in the US


I thought that the shootings televised and covered every three to four months or so was bad enough. I didn’t know at all that since Sandy Hook in 2012, there have been 1,029 mass shootings. That’s almost one every day. Here’s a map for reference.

A few takeaways:

  • Despite differences in state laws, almost no state is safe.
  • Most shootings seem to be concentrated around the Bible Belt. I really hope that this violence isn’t being caused by so-called “Christians”.
  • Trump is going to get surefire votes just for saying what people want to hear, especially about gun control. It’s already reflected in the GOP polls. He’s a laughing stock now, but how much worse could it get if he’s in control? I doubt that anyone would actually let him bolster gun ownership to the extent he enthuses, but even if the least he did was absolutely nothing, that’s still very bad news to hear.
  • If you look at this list of shootings from this year alone, you’ll notice just how many shootings don’t have an identified killer. It looks to be more than half. It seems to me that more than half of these killers have gotten away with it. That’s terrifying.

(Via Vox, Shooting Tracker)