Media Venture “The Outline” by Joshua Topolsky Raises $5 Million

Mike Shields for The Walls Street Journal:

Mr. Topolsky, who helped co-launch The Verge and most recently served as the top digital editor at Bloomberg, has raised $5 million to found The Outline, a new digital publication set to debut this fall...

Mr. Topolsky is touting The Outline as something of the antidote to a rising crop of digital media brands that are reliant on social media distribution and, in his mind, are too focused on reaching massive user totals...

Mr. Topolsky said he wants The Outline to think and act like a technology company — one that is constantly iterating and launching new products.

That’s often the way that digital native publishers like BuzzFeed and The Verge describe themselves. But too often, “you get trapped into chasing just a little more audience, and you never change your product,” he said. “You get locked in. We are not interested in a horserace.”

I’m a little skeptical it'll work, but it will be interesting to find out the specifics of The Outline’s innovative strategy.

I’m glad someone’s finally making a conscious decision to veer away from social media, particularly Facebook, as a main source of readership. I’m not surprised that it’s Joshua Topolsky, either.

Source: The Wall Street Journal