Mythbusters to Receive New Hosts, Moves to Science Channel

Julia Alexander for Polygon:


"Science Channel, a division of the Discovery network, has plans to bring the experiment-driven show to their station, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Before the series starts up again, however, the channel will host a reality show to find new, charismatic hosts."


What? So soon? A reality show?! What's going on?


"Search for the Next Mythbusters will feature 15 competitors tackling both older myths that Jamie and Adam may have come across during their 14 seasons on air, as well as new myths that have yet to be busted. Like most reality shows, contestants will be eliminated week after week as voted on by a panel of judges."


The thought of back-talking and unnecessary drama in a show to find hosts for another show about science - a show that shouldn’t even be rebooted to begin with - just pains me. Television is dying.

(Via Polygon, Myke Hurley on Twitter)