No One Wants to Be Apple

Neil Cybart of Above Avalon insightfully, as always, identifies the current trend among Silicon Valley companies of veering away from Apple’s hardware-driven business model:

Instead of wanting to be like Apple by doing hardware and getting into brick and mortar retail, Silicon Valley is now infatuated with data and the services meant to capture such valuable data. Google’s vision of a world moving beyond hardware seems to represent a significant threat to a company like Apple. It’s not just Google. The Amazon Echo has turned into a poster child for this “post-device” world in which some users could theoretically do less on their iPhones and iPads and instead use their voice to interact with a bunch of speakers and a microphone in a stationary tube. In addition to Amazon and Google, Microsoft and Facebook have extensive resources and attention focused on similar types of data collection and aggressive plans with artificial intelligence.

It should come as no surprise that companies with no formidable hardware strategy are now more vocal about tech’s future not revolving around hardware.

We’ll see how successful this becomes once their AI projects become consumer (maybe enterprise) products. But, thinking about it now, it’s refreshing to hear this as opposed to hearing news about these same companies frantically churning out flagship smartphones and “iPhone killers” not too long ago.