Olympic Venues in Athens - Ten Years On

A depressing gallery from a year and a half ago, but relevant now as 2016 entertains the Olympic Games in one of the worst conceivable venues, Rio de Janeiro - just two years after the World Cup. Tony Manfred for Business Insider:


"With the IOC now struggling to find countries with enough money to waste on the Olympics, 2004 might be viewed as the last Olympics of an era when democratic nations saw the games as a worthwhile investment."


I agree with the term “waste”. That’s all it is, or at least a net loss. Manfred mentions the Games in Athens cost $11 billion, nearly twice over-budget. The last Games in London cost $15.3 billion, also over-budget - fourfold even, from the original budget of $3.9 billion. (Thanks Wikipedia.)

Hundreds of the best athletes in the world showcasing their talent shouldn’t cost tens of billions of dollars. Less so the World Cup, which specialises on a single sport.

Disagree? Check the gallery in the link - “waste” describes it perfectly. It’s all a molecule away from Dismaland.

(Via Business Insider)