On Concrete’s Use in Design

César Bejarano of the recently-launched design blog Against Design highlights a particular design fad that I’ve noticed a lot of in recent years: the use of concrete as a material in industrial design:

There are many fads in industrial design, like in any other type of design. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Literally. But there’s one that I feel has been abused, and it’s a shame, because as an architect, I have a deep appreciation for this material.

Concrete is a material that works very good under pressure. It’s very strong, so it’s used in construction, to make resistant buildings. But like any material, it’s there to be experimented with. So obviously, industrial designers did.

A particular thing he does well that he does towards the end is elaborate on the distinction between design and art that not a lot of people really seem to talk about. Design is distinguished as being, first and foremost, functional and purposeful — I agree wholeheartedly.

Source: Against Design