Philippe Starck Designs Medals for Paris 2024 Olympic Bid

These medals designed by Philippe Starck split into four, allowing winning Olympic athletes to share their success with their families...

On the surface, the design appears much the same as the typical sporting medal. However, should the athlete want to, they can split the disc into three additional sections.

Even on the surface, the design looks fantastic. The chipped edges and the textured beige strap give it a classy look compared to previous Games’ designs.

Of course, front and center is Starck’s concept of sharing the achievement with loved ones or figures of importance. Commenter “jon” puts it best:

If the athlete wants to share their special moment with that parent who took them to training and cheered them on their entire life, or that trainer who engineered their body and mind at every step and stood by them, or another significant person in their life who had a profound impact on them as a person and athlete, then it’s their prerogative, not to mention a lovely sentiment.

This should be a standard design choice not just for Olympic medals going forward, but other types of achievements like plaques and trophies… maybe not so much certificates.