Radiohead Sells Out London Shows Within Minutes

Harriet Osborne for The Guardian documents the distraughtful ticket purchasing process, and the resulting black market plaguing big acts like Radiohead.


"Another tragedy is the amount of sales on secondary ticketing sites: to cut down on this, we were told tickets would be limited to two per transaction, with fans needing ID in order to enter the venue. Yet shortly after the sales ended Viagogo and StubHub have listed tickets for about 18 times the original price...

We are destined to be forever ripped off by the big businesses. Thom, if you are reading this, and you’re running dry on lyrical themes for album No 9, consider the injustice of secondary ticketing sites - a cause we can all get behind."


As long as physical tickets still exist, it’ll seem like destiny. But digital tickets on our phones - perhaps made purchasable only through unique ID’s at POS, like fingerprints or a simple face shot, that could also be used as ID at the venue - could possibly solve a problem like this.

(Via The Guardian)