Reintroducing AM


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I like to view my experiences with music as a journey. The Billboard Top 100 was (very, very briefly) my starting point. My tastes divulged away from ultra-digestible synths to guitars and drums, particularly those of Maroon 5 in their first two albums (the second of which I’ve written about a couple of years ago on my old blog). Long story short, that led me from one alt-rock band to the next.

At some point, perhaps a year ago, I hit somewhat of a stumbling block, being completely content with the artists I had in my library. It’s partially due to the lack of sufficient memory storage on my Mac, but I think it’s mainly because of the “playable factor” that the bands I’ve heavily listened to (and continue to heavily listen to) possess, in terms of playing along to their songs. The two big ones that come to mind are Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even having signed up to Spotify and downloaded their app, I could only muster up enough effort to add songs here and there to my collection, then shuffle that entire collection. I never really got into listening to songs on repeat or particular albums qualitatively… unless, of course, they’d been the artists I’d been listening to already (read: Muse B-sides).

I feel like that stumbling block is gone now - all of a sudden I’m listening to all these new albums in their entirety. Which brings me to my point - AM is coming back (basically Take 2). For real this time.

For newer readers, this is a series in which I talk about the album which interests me during a specific month. I’m not promising any commitments to covering an album every month, simply because fully processing an album I put on heavy rotation to at a time, let alone a new one, takes longer than just a month. Of course, I’ll do my best to write about one as often as I can. I already have one in the pipeline I’ll post next week. Hope you enjoy.