Solartab C: Portable Solar Power

Speaking of solar power… Emma Tucker for Dezeen:

This portable charger features a photovoltaic panel that powers phones and laptops using only the sun’s rays.

Designed as a greener alternative to traditional chargers, the Solartab C uses a USB-C connection to connect to and quickly power electronic devices.

It’s also waterproof, features a built-in cover which doubles as a stand, and automatically detects devices’ charging protocol to power them up quickly.

This thing is so cool. I love how it looks like an iPad, especially when it’s propped up, so it’s basically like carrying a tablet around.

An iPhone 6 can be charged in one hour, with the device able to store enough power to charge it four times over. An iPad Air 2 would take three and a half hours…

In the absence of sun rays, the device can also be charged up from a power socket.

It’s basically a portable battery as well.