Ten One Design Launches Blockhead Adapters

Ten One Design introduces a new adapter for Apple chargers called Blockhead. Seems simplistic, but there are many reasons why this is a great product...

  • First, the obvious: it makes the charger consume way less space and fit in tighter spaces.
  • It also makes it look a lot less awkward on the wall.
  • Looking at my charger plugged in now, I can notice the cable bending downwards. Ten One Design claims it causes cord stress. I think back to the last charger I owned, which had damage where the cable would bend.
  • It’s made of durable ABS plastic, the same stuff LEGO bricks are made out of. (Explains the price, too.)

Although John Gruber from Daring Fireball points out that the prongs aren’t retractable, which is a big shame. I don’t know about it being entirely, unsubtly blue, either.

Besides those things, this would be a great idea not just for Apple chargers but for any type of awkwardly protrusive plug.

(Via Ten One Design, Daring Fireball)