Tesla Autopilot Safely Brings Driver to an ER

James Brillon for Dezeen with this incredible story from last month that I totally didn’t forget about or something:

A Tesla Model X has safely driven its owner to a hospital, after he activated the car’s auto-pilot function following a potentially fatal blood clot.

The 37-year-old driver, Joshua Neally, was returning home from work when he suffered a pulmonary embolism in his lung. As he pulled onto the highway, he felt sharp pain in his chest and stomach.

Rather than call an ambulance, the Missouri-based lawyer chose to activate his car’s self-driving function. After a 20-mile (32 kilometres) drive, Neally took control of the car to steer and park it, before checking himself into the emergency room.

Obviously, what he did is unadvisable, but I think the day’s fast approaching when doing something like this will actually be the more advisable option in the same scenario. It seems to already be second nature for this Tesla owner.

Source: Dezeen