The Case For an iOS Night Theme

Another one from iMore, this time by Rene Richie. He makes the case for an iOS-wide Night Theme, or dark mode. Here’s his solution for its widespread adoption amongst third-party apps:


"If Apple could provide a dark mode for all of its apps, it would go a long way toward making the iPhone more usable in the dark. If Apple could take it a step further, though, and provide a "NightKit" framework for its standard UIKit interface system, then any App Store app could tie into it as well."


As Richie also mentions, Apple interestingly already implements this with iBooks. That already convinces me Apple can do this, but as with everything they do, it’s oftentimes a matter of restraint.

It’s easy to assume why Apple does this for iBooks of all apps, as reading long books requires long periods of staring at the screen. But it’s also easy to assume that the number of hours spent on iBooks, let alone in dark mode, pale in comparison to the number of hours spent staring at an iPhone screen overall.

This, to me, sounds like an inevitability. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll debut years from now, if that’s how long Apple would take to introduce an OLED or OLED-type iPhone screen with better contrast.

(Via iMore)