The Case of “Cali The Producer”

Producer Paul Cantor highlights the problem with album credits, and how poorly credit for work on albums is being attributed. A particular example he brings up is that of “Cali the Producer”:


"A recent article at the website Genius details how a 20-year-old from Austria who calls himself Cali the Producer basically fooled the entire music business into thinking he’d worked on songs by Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, among others.

The gist is this: he flagrantly edited Wikipedia and added his name to song entries in which he had no involvement. Record labels, when they’ve had to send out press releases, found it easier to Google a song’s information than find it internally. That takes minutes; Wikipedia, seconds."


The music industry, where Wikipedia is the employee database.

Maybe the first thing that should be addressed is how to make the music industry care.

(Via Medium)