The Initiative

For the couple of years I’ve been blogging, I’ve treated this medium as a place to articulate and voice out my opinions and develop myself as a critic of sorts. Most of the time that involved having an assertive standpoint, which correlated often with my frustrations towards academia (brought about by my plethora of inadequacies) as well as the general frustrations I have with how the world is structured. I still am that person, and I’m still proud of the ideas and viewpoints I’ve been able to bring into fulfilment. From this, I feel like I’m much better at my judgments and curation of various things in my life. But I feel like the emphasis of opinions on this blog has brought down my ability to become the creative I’ve always dreamed of becoming.

While I still stand by everything I’ve written about (no matter how much looking back at it all makes me cringe), I have yet to show any credibility as a practitioner of what I’ve been writing about. I talk mostly about design, technology, and music on this site, three things which I’ve yet to have any impact on or incorporate with what I do whatsoever. Yes, I’m only 17 and have my entire future ahead of me, but for someone as opinionated as I am, I’ve had enough of sitting here in my comfy swivel chair, waiting for the next little thing in the blogosphere to come by that I could then dissect into atoms. Besides the stuff I post on my other blog, Technographic (which, in seriousness, is just a hobby of mine), I want to post something on this site that I could call my own, a brainchild, if you will.

Sometime soon, most definitely within the summer break, I’ve brought it upon myself to develop 10 innovative ideas - a product, an app, another fancily designed chair; whatever I could call my idea. In fact, by making this public, it’s all for real now and I can never take it back. I simply call it “The Initiative”, just to formalise it a bit and make it official (at the cost of sounding a bit pretentious).

This is basically the stuff that would get listed in the Concepts page you can find in the menu bar above. If you give it a look, so far I’ve already developed three ideas, but the last one being more than a year ago. I look at that and tell myself, “I haven’t made anything of myself for more than a year.” By doing this I hope to eradicate this self-degradation as much as possible.

Through sharing the progression of The Initiative on this blog, I can finally feel like I can actually define myself. For the past few years I’ve lived in Guangzhou as an expat, I feel blessed to have finally struck upon a determination to change the world somehow and become a reputable industrial designer, hopefully within the near future. But I’ve never been able to fully express that in an understandable way that could get people behind me, partially because of not wanting to instead be defined by the simultaneous struggles in my life.

With that said, in this way I hope to potentially achieve some amount of self-realisation, to see how far I can push myself or to see how much better I should become to be the best person I can possibly be. This is, after all, my dream - to bring ideas into reality by means of industrial design (and perhaps, one day, design in general).

In all honesty, I don’t know how this is going to go at all. I’m not sure if I’ll end up dreading each day I don’t contribute anything towards The Initiative, and I’m not sure if I’ll even make it to 10 ideas. But I’m really hoping to become a somewhat different version of myself by the end of it all, and I hope that you’ll be able to see that too.