Other World Computing today announced the OWC DEC, an attachment designed to snap onto the bottom of a 2016 MacBook Pro to add additional functionality to the machine.

The OWC DEC adds 4TB of storage, an SD Card Slot, USB Type-A ports for using standard USB devices, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. According to OWC, additional features will be introduced at a later date.

I already found it hard to believe this wasn’t a joke, then this:

OWC says the DEC when attached to the 2016 MacBook Pro will be “as thin as a 2012 MacBook Pro,” which measured in at 0.95 inches.

I have a 2015 MacBook Pro, which has the same form factor introduced with the 2012 MacBook Pro. The DEC with the 2016 MacBook Pro attached looks at least twice the thickness. Am I reading this wrong?