The Solitary Hideout Redesign 1

No, you’re not in a trance. I have updated the site colors from old, drab navy blue to the fluorescent neon orange and pink you see before you now.

I’ve been told in the past that while the site looked nice, the blue/grey scheme I had going on for a while was… well, simply put, boring. While I’ll always maintain the blue/grey scheme as the most suitable for the site considering its content, the new colors are a needed breath of fresh air.

That’s pretty much all my rationale behind it – it looks livelier and it’s different. Very different. I’ll probably think that more than anyone else since, by nature of being its owner, I have to stare at it the most. Might as well make it more visually stimulating.

I also wanted to pick colors that didn’t clash with the content on the site too much, either. I thought orange (with pink as an accent) created the cutting edge feel I wanted to maintain from the old design.

The Facebook and Twitter pages have also been updated to reflect the site’s redesign. Again, you can click the buttons in the sidebar to follow the site through those.

I’ll probably return the Solitary Hideout back to its original (canonical!) colors sometime in the future, but I can imagine that being hard to do for a long, long while. So I really hope you enjoy the eye-candy.