The Verge Reviews the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Dan Seifert reviews Samsung’s newest flagships for The Verge:

A few takeaways:

  • I won’t deny that Samsung’s been really improving their phones over the years. The S7 looks more sophisticated but Apple and even other Android OEM’s have topped that peak. With Chinese manufacturers now surging, I reckon Samsung’s too late.
  • Water resistance seems to be a feature. But as you can see in the video, the touchscreen is still unusable due to contact with water still creating input. I mentioned before that Apple probably didn’t mention water resistance as a feature in the 6s iPhones to avoid liability, but this could be another reason.
  • Interesting that while iPhone aims for thinness, the Galaxy S’s aim for smaller bezels. Both desire to be somewhat smaller.
  • Seifert mentioned not noticing any performance issues. Like I said before, Android phones are getting great.
  • About the camera: I find it silly how much attention camera bumps have been getting since the 6 iPhones. Sure, if Apple shaved off the bump in the next phone, that would be nice. But having owned an iPod touch with the camera bump, it is far from a big deal. That said, it’s at least a little interesting to learn that it’s possible to begin with as achieved by Xiaomi and now Samsung.
  • Lastly, Seifert mentions bloatware. It still boggles my mind why bloatware still exists on any consumer device. Almost always, it takes value away from the product, which should be bad business. But as with every time, monopolistic carriers can afford to have their way.

Last week I played with the S7 myself for a few of minutes. Honestly, it seemed fine overall. My biggest complaint is the reflective mirror-finish being an eye strain (the bezel also has the finish), but nothing much other than that.

While fine, it’s not enough. Sure, it’s got its differentiators e.g. wireless charging and water resistance. It sounds compelling when you hear about them at first, but people vote with their wallets and I don’t see how they’ll be doing that with the S7, especially considering its drawbacks.