Tokyo 2020 Olympic Selection Committee Unveils Shortlisted Logos

From the committee themselves:


"During the application process, we referred applicants to the Tokyo 2020 Games Vision and to seven key concepts to provide inspiration for their designs. We would now like to ask you, the general public, for your views on which designs you feel most strongly convey one or more of the seven key concepts. Your opinions will serve as a valuable frame of reference to the Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee when making its final decision.

The creators of each of the shortlisted designs have poured their hearts and souls into their designs, and we would like to ask you to provide us with your positive views on the designs, and particularly those design aspects that you feel are truly outstanding."


Here are the four shortlisted logos pictured on the website:

My personal opinions:

  • A doesn’t leave much to the imagination: it’s blocky, uses one colour, and uses a relatively dull navy blue colour at that (how ironic). I really can’t imagine it being used as branding for an Olympic Games.
  • B is too generic. It’s the only option without any real cultural explanation on the website.
  • C has a great font, but the rustic feel of the picture logos counteract that. If B and C had swapped fonts, that would make much more sense. Also, the colours are uninspiring, but an admirable effort to introduce tradition.
  • D would be my pick. The colours and the multi-rayed suns are eye-catching. The playful curves on the flower petals in the Olympic logo and balls in the Paralympic logo contain that excitement. It would also make excellent branding. Dynamic, yet tranquil - what’s not to love? The font is also my favourite.

(Via, WIRED)