Update - April 2014

This’ll be quite odd since the following fine collection of words and phrases have been imported from my Day One account. I’m no longer going to be using it since a) I have a blog already, which I should definitely be using more often (especially for more personal stuff like this), and b) I don’t really know how it would fit into my workflow, given that I can’t tweet links to my entries from my iPhone (as I don’t have a VPN for it) and that I don’t have the Mac app, which I would need to pay for. Being 17 years of age without a credit card, I simply cannot pay for apps.

Note that the final part is actually me writing at the time being, in other words, the actual update. Also, I added links for a little context. So, without further ado, enjoy my regurgitation of my previously articulated mind juice…

Just got this app [Day One]. Writing in Avenir, ooh. Anywho, not sure what should be done around here, but all I know is that this is a journaling app so I guess I should just talk recent events and what not.

Tonight I've been sound tripping to Beatles in Bossa, popular movie songs, and Disney songs. Feeling really sentimental right now. Funny thing is that I haven't watched a whole lot of the movies these songs are in, yet they still pack a punch. Imagining a space rock mash-up of “Once Upon A Dream” + “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”. I'm like a kid again, haha.

I'm feeling especially nice tonight, since mocks just ended, and lots of cool stuff happening in the next few weeks like a furniture fair, work placement, school production rehearsals, etc. Also just played for music ministry at church, that was good too. What I'm NOT looking forward to are the mock results. Ugh. Most likely gonna be below expectations, again. Gotta keep my head high though, and pray about it.

Hopefully I'll get the gist of Day One in no time. Great in-app experience so far. [Written on March 16, 2014]

Sidenote: Yeah, I actually did and still do love the app, since it’s packed full of features. I do endorse this app, because it’s fun and quite capable, but again, not for me.

Got my mocks back. Before I get into that though, just as follow up on my last thing, I think I've reached a point where I'm hung over on nostalgia from all the songs I've been listening, rather re-listening, to last night. One song in particular, “Once Upon A Dream”, is probably quite aptly going to be in my dreams (especially daydreams) these next couple of days. Amazing, amazing song, but it won't be a forgiving LSS, I'll tell you that. Also, that space rock mash-up's still an idea buzzing in my head, haha.

So, I got a C in English Lit and A + C on my Psych papers, which should make it a B. On top if that, there's the C for Business I already knew I got, and my report has always had a consistent BCCD scheme to it. Assuming this curse is still upon me, I'm guessing that I'll get a D for Physics, which doesn't sound too far off from how I think I did. Yeah, I'm a sad guy.

But I'm about to get extremely involved in all these different things. I'm gonna rehearse and perform for the school's annual production (this year we're doing Bugsy Malone), so that'll keep me busy within the incoming week. In fact, today we just had a rehearsal session. Honestly, I hadn't practiced any of the songs at all until today (apart from that one time we spent an entire hour learning “Fat Sam's Grand Slam” and getting the timing on that song right, mostly the latter bit). I was able to pull off all the songs without anyone noticing that I haven't done as much practice as they have, so that's good I guess (minus the guilty conscience).

Also doing many career/CV-related bits and bobs like attending a talk about digitalization in enterprise, work experience over Easter break, and visiting the world's largest fair on office equipment/furniture. All this (including school prod.) is occurring in the next three weeks alone. Crazy awesome, and crazy tiring.

So I guess these next few weeks will be an odd window of time when I'll be forced to get off my lazy rear end to actually go out and do stuff, after these recent mocks and before exam fever hits again (only that it's gonna be the real thing that time around). Here's to hoping it'll all pay off, and that I don't. Screw. Things. Up. [Written on March 17, 2014]

And here I am now, in the present. At this point I’d just got the first bit of work experience I was talking about previously, and boy was it great. It really validated a lot of the prior knowledge I had about “the design process” and “design thinking”, but actually going out and experiencing these things really opened my eyes to the intricacies within a project that need more detailed attention than I thought before. On another note, it was really fun and surprisingly relaxing. The only stressful moments I’d really experienced was (of course) initial anxiety and mind block when trying to brainstorm different ways of solving a specific problem, but even then I just learned to chill out a bit before going back to work. Overall, it was quite an uplifting experience.

Also, I was right to think that these past few weeks would be crazy tiring, because they were crazy tiring, especially the school production. It turned out to be a massive success, so much so that the school’s selling DVD copies of our performance, ain’t that cool? However it wouldn’t have been that if it weren’t for the hours and hours and hours put into rehearsal, which caused my nose to bleed when I got home on two occasions due to dehydration. Awesome.

In terms of academics, I’m starting to go full-on with revision tomorrow. I’ve got a plan laid out for me to fulfil, but hopefully I could slip in a few blog posts (as in actual write-ups this time, not just leftover SLR pics again). I’ve got a couple of nice topics in regards to tech that I haven’t really seen discussed out there, which should be pretty special. I’m also planning to promote my blog in some way (that doesn’t require money, because again, 17 without a credit card here), just to get a little bit more traffic coming into the blog. I could really use some publicity. Help.

Anyways, I suppose that’s it. Exam season’s a-comin’, so that might cause another drought in posts, just to get my head straight and mind focused. I guess by writing more now I’d make the most out of this calm before the storm...