Update – August 2017

I think I’m at a crossroads with the blog. For the first time I pondered shutting things down. My subscription with Squarespace expires in September and at the pace I’m writing now, it’s hard to bring myself to renew it.

Although I gave it a bit more thought and I figured that I could overcome this lull like I have others before: just by starting and gaining momentum. So I’m gonna give that a shot in August, not without a few other changes...

I’ve been pretty headstrong with maintaining my shortform style since I started using it, and it’s really helped transform the blog. Now that I have much less time on my hands since starting, I think a similar change is warranted.

I don’t know exactly how this change will manifest yet, but my gut’s telling me it has to happen if I still want to be writing here at all, and I do. Maybe I’ll delve into different topics. Maybe I’ll shift the tone a lil’ bit here and there. Maybe I’ll be posting photos again. (I will.) And yeah, I’ll make sure the site will keep being about what it’s always been about while I’m at it.

So stay tuned. It might be the last month of The Solitary Hideout, but if she goes down, she’ll go down swingin’.

Also hope you like the new coat of paint.