Update - February 2016

I’m busy with some important things at the moment… unfortunately not pertaining to the blog, but I might just blog about it one day.

Anyways, I’ll be gone until the end of the month, but here’s what you can expect next month:

  • Analysing Apple Ditching the 3.5 mm Connector Pt. 2, an analysis of the scale of its effect and design opportunities.
  • AM - December 2015, which I might make shorter from then on.
  • More shortform posts about design, as opposed to just technology and social media.
  • Something about Music Memos and Garageband 2.1. I’d be a shame if I didn’t say anything about it.
  • Maybe even something about an Android phone...

Besides focusing on content, there are other ways I hope to take the website more seriously and make it something really beneficial for myself - perhaps even financially beneficial. If I can make something work out, it’ll almost definitely happen next month.