Update - June 2016

Some personal news first. The workload at my internship could be picking up in the next weeks, and my transition to university continues in July. Despite this, I’ll try to maintain the pace of shortforms that I’m at now - if that’s something I can’t do, then you’ll know why.

Some meta updates:

  • Updated the social media pages with new cover graphics and descriptions that better reflect the site.
  • Also changed the sidebar description on the site to match.
  • New picture in the About page. Thanks BitCam.
  • There will be a new Best Of page under the Work button in the sidebar. It’ll be a place for me to showcase what I think is my best written work on the site, which will be nice for newcomers.
  • New concept coming soon, the first made on my new Retina MacBook Pro, so expect sharper graphics. Design page is getting beefy.