Update - May 2016

Regarding personal affairs, I’ve been trudging through university-related matters the past month. Also Zephyr - that took a ton of work. Now that’s more or less out of the way and I’m hoping to write a bit more than in the last couple of weeks. I’ve got a big backlog of unread articles, so I’m sure there’s more than enough stuff I’ll want to post on the website this month, which is great considering WWDC and other big tech events are still a month away.

I’ll be heading back to Guangzhou later this week, I'll be there for a month. I might do a “tourist in my own town” kind of thing, considering this’ll be the last month I’ll be spending in the city for a long time before I’m headed back here in the Philippines for university. Also, I haven’t posted photos in forever.

Now for some site-related updates:

  • Headers of longform posts will be made smaller.
  • Slight formatting change with Source URL’s on shortform posts linking to articles.
  • Expect higher-resolution graphics in general, since I’m switching to a Retina MacBook Pro from a MacBook Air soon. Exciting.