Update - May 2016 No. 2

Back with a quick one.

On a personal note, I could be busy with errands as I transition from here to Manila. MacBook Pro doesn’t come till two weeks from now. Once I get it though, I might do something special.

My VPN stopped working here in Guangzhou so I won’t be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr until June 1 when I fly back to Manila. If the feeds on the SH Twitter and Facebook pages appear a little weird, that’s probably cause I can’t monitor and change stuff on those feeds.

I also get most of the articles and videos I link to on my Twitter and YouTube feeds. Just an fyi if there’ll be fewer shortform posts on here once the well of current drafts runs dry. Expect a couple of longform posts, though. I’ve got a couple of tasters as WWDC approaches - I’ll be addressing a particular rumour surrounding the event.

One more meta update: Changing the formatting of quotes. Smaller size, same colour as regular text.