Update - November 2015

Apologies for the scarcity of posts as of late, I’ve had a few nagging responsibilities last month to deal with.

Anyways, November is looking to be another slow month, but I’ve got a couple of things I have planned. Firstly, a new AM is on its way and coming shortly. It’s a modern classic.

Secondly, although less assuredly, I want to write up something about Android, as the high-end market (aka iPhone territory) actually seems to be as interesting as it’s ever been since its inception, especially from an industrial design standpoint.

Also, the follow-up post to the Apple “Hey Siri” event (now almost two months detached) won’t be coming. As I feared, much of what I’d had in mind to say about the 6s iPhones have already been said - particularly in John Gruber’s review and this thinkpiece by Horace Dediu.