Updates From Apple’s “Loop You In” Event I Missed

I wrote my two latest posts on the Apple event the day after it was held. In those two posts I left out some minor updates that I missed out. (Special thanks to Federico Viticci for aggregating some of these minor details on his news site, MacStories.)

The 9.7” iPad Pro has two drawbacks that Viticci picked up on, one of them being the lack of USB 3 transfer speeds with the USB 3 camera adapter. Only USB 2 speeds can be achieved with the 9.7” Pro, whereas file transferring with the 12” Pro enables USB 3 speeds.

I think the accessory appeals to professionals, at least in the meantime, and a seemingly minor drawback for regular consumers like this could be a deal breaker for potential switchers to the 9.7” Pro, particularly photographers and videographers who’ll have to wait longer for their large files to transfer.

The second drawback arguably affects all potential users of the 9.7” Pro: it has only 2GB of RAM compared to the 12” Pro’s 4GB. Prosumers might find this a particularly annoying setback at worst, but professionals seeking to acquire the best performance out of their hardware might have a hard time getting things done. Heavier tasks like vector-based graphics work and video editing come to mind.

Finally, I missed the release of watchOS 2.2, which is as minor an update as an update can be: