Hello, and welcome to my brand new blog, the Solitary Hideout. "Why does that sound so familiar?", you may be asking yourself. Well, I used to run a blog called Solitary Hideout 22597, where I posted just about anything I felt like posting, particularly on topics like design and technology.

This blog will be no different to SH22597 for the most part. The stuff I put here will still be based upon the same things I've always been writing about. The purpose of the new blog is to somehow justify the effort I put into my posts, giving more room and less distractions for the content of those posts.

Another reason why I've made a new blog is for the ease of putting up posts and managing my site. This blog is powered by Squarespace, an absolutely superb website-hosting service. Switching hosts eliminated many problems I've had with my old host, blog.com (e.g. slow loading times, clunky UI, minimal formatting options, frequent downtimes, the list goes on and on).

Also, don't be alarmed if you find out that some of the formatting changes from time to time. I'm still kinda experimenting with different styles and fonts and what not; after all, I'm new to Squarespace.

So I guess rather than taking up more pixels on your screen, I'll just let future blog posts do most of the talking. I hope the time you spend on this blog is worth your while.

PS: My old blog is still up for those of you who still care to read stuff on it.